Saturday, March 8, 2014

Catching Up

 Things have been busy around here lately. Here's a bit of what we've been up to....

Matt celebrated his birthday last weekend. We had planned to come home after church and have a big dinner, but we ended up being snowed/iced in that morning. So, we spent the entire day in our jammies, watching movies curled up on the couch together. Matt said it was the best day! We were lazy and just enjoyed being together -- Matt's been so busy lately that he needed a good ol' lazy day. And, what better day than his birthday! We grilled out steak and chicken for dinner and had yummy cake and ice cream. And the kids were so excited to give him their gifts! 

 A couple of week ago, we had a fun playdate with AJ & Titus one Friday morning. It ended up being the last one that just the 4 of us would have -- with bad weather, and sickness we weren't able to connect again before the Wilson's headed to China to bring home their newest family member, Abby. Next playdate there will be 5 of us!! Poor Titus will be outnumbered 4 to 1 by girls. :)

These 2 were beyond cute that morning. We met up at Krispy Kreme for donuts then headed to the park. Charlotte and Titus played by the creek for almost 2 hours while AJ & I had a chance to talk. They were so cute and so good!

 That same friday afternoon, we met up with one of Harrison's friends, Owen, and his mom for a fun playdate at the park. The boys played basketball pretty much the entire time while the rest of the kiddos played on the playground.
Harrison is going to play tee-ball this spring and we signed him up for baseball camp at FHS one Saturday morning. Matt went with him and Harrison had a blast! They ran bases, hit and did lots of other fun things. He came home ready to play ball!
We went to a new members dinner at church. It was such fun! We got to know some people and laughed until it hurt. It's been quite a transition changing churches, but I have no doubt that we are in the right place for us. They had a yummy spagetti dinner that night which was great and we played some fun games.