Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We got home from our Tulsa trip to discover that our air had gone out. Ugggg! It was so stinkin' hot in our house! The irony is that we'd decided to make the trip to Tulsa in one day and save the money on a hotel, only to come home and spend the night in a hotel just minutes from our house!

After coming home and walking into a nice steamy house, we immediately called the air-guy and he nicely came out and made an after hours call. However, he had to go get the part up in Springdale so it would be the next morning before it would be fixed. So, we quickly packed up and headed to a hotel close by -- stopping to grab the kids a quick dinner on the way. We had a great little room with a little kitchenette in it's own room which the kids thought was awesome. It was a loooong night with Charlotte -- we had 2 king beds and thought she'd sleep with one of us since she had not napped on our trip to Tulsa that day. We were wrong! She squirmed and turned before asking over and over for her crib. Poor baby, just wanted to be home in her own bed. She finally settled down around 11 and was up at 4am.

We were thrilled when the air-guy called and told us before 9am that the air was working again! Woohoo! 
This made me so thankful that we have a nice cool house to live in this summer! Sometimes we take the little things forgranted and this reminded us all that we have so much to be thankful for!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Day at the Aquarium

After spending a long week working on the house and finishing up that big ol' project we were all ready for some fun! The kids had been such troopers that week and we decided to surprise them with a trip to the Oklahoma Aquarium on Monday.

We got up early and drove over for the day. It was a great and easy trip both way, for which I am so so thankful! The kids were pretty excited after seeing the website and hearing us talk about it. 
 Our first stop inside was the turtles. All three of them got a chance to feed the them. Sweet potato stips were the food of the day and I think those turtle loved them some sweet taters! They gobbled them up!

 We explored the fish exhibit and held shrimp, crabs, and starfish. Then we headed toward the back to get near the shark exhibit. The aquarium feeds the sharks on Mondays and we wanted to get a good spot for this -- we were perfectly located in the middle of the shark tunnel. While we waited for this the kids got to pet stinkrays and baby sharks. This was their favorite thing by far, and mine too! We spent a good 20 minutes there with them taking turns touching the stingrays and sharks. We headed over to the other side of the exhibit and they fed the stingrays too -- very cool!

 The aquarium was very hands-on with sea life around every corner for the kids to touch.

 Our crazy kiddos. Oh how I love them! It's so fun to see things like this through their eyes and watch the wonder of it all.
After several hours in the aquarium we headed home via Fuddruckers for a burger. :) Great end to a great trip.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A week of Firsts

This has certainly been a full week!

We started with our trip to Tulsa on Monday and came home from that to discover that our air had gone out! Yuck! We spent Monday night in a hotel until the air was fixed Tuesday morning.

Wednesday I decided to take a last minute trip to Little Rock. I'd planned to meet my mom on Thursday to drop off Madeleine so she could stay with them for a couple of days. But, then I decided to go on Wednesday and take her the whole way -- Harrison and Charlotte tagged along for the night and then the 3 of us came back on Thursday morning.

The reason for the trip was for me to get to shop with my sister for her first baby! This was our first time to shop and we had such fun looking a baby thing for my soon to arrive nephew!! I'm so thankful that my mom and dad watched my kids for the evening and that Stewart was happy to give us some girl time while I was there. :) I loved every moment!

We left Thursday morning and Madeleine stayed behind. This was her first time to spend a couple of days down there by herself and I know she had such a great time. But, I sure did miss her! I was ready for her to come back on Saturday, but Harrison was so SO ready for her to come back. He watched the door all day and kept asking when she'd be home. Mimi and Grandad brought her back -- they were coming this way for him to preach up here on Sunday morning.

The reason we had to come back Thursday morning was so Harrison could go on his first sleepover -- at his best friend Drew's house! He'd been looking forward to this so much! He's not usually ready to leave Mimi and Grandad's house, but this was an exception. It worked out great because he was not in the least bit jealous of Madeleine getting to stay behind-- all he wanted was to get home and go to Drew's. :) We made it home, packed his bags and off he went. And, what a time he had! He talked nonstop Friday about what the did and what Drew said and on and on. It made my heart so happy to know that he'd had such a wonderful time on his first sleepover!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Poison Ivy Stinks!

We've had quite a week at our house! It started last sunday morning when Madeleine & Harrison both woke up with a rash. While most rashes aren't a big deal, I decided to keep everyone home just to be on the safe side. They both got worse over the next couple of days, but putting benadryl on them seemed to help, so we decided to wait it out and see before going to the doctor. Madeleine's rash was only on her arm and Harrison had a spot on his left shoulder and the middle of his chest. By Tuesday night, Madeleine seemed to be getting better, but Harrison was about the same. It stayed like that until Friday morning. When Harrison took his jammies off that morning he was covered in the rash. So we headed to the doctor that afternoon.

As a side note, Harrison was supposed to be spending that night at his first sleepover with his best friend Drew -- and Adam that he loves as well. :) They had woken up with Titus sick, and as luck would have it had a doctor's appt at the same time as us! I think we caused quite a bit of confusion in there with both of us being Wilsons and both accounts having the same name on them. Ha! And to top that off -- Jim Bob Duggar and 2 of the little girls came in behind them. Our first NWA Duggar sighting! I was a bit giddy.

We got back into the waiting room and the doctor took one look at Harrison and said it was poison ivy. Yikes! She said he was having a really bad reaction to it which isn't surprising since Harrison is so allergic to basically everything outdoors. So, she gave us a prescription for an oral steroid that he gets 2x per day. And, she gave me a prescription for cream for Madeleine's arm too. This turned out to be good because Matt has just in the past 48 hours broken out with it too. Thankfully we found the culprit and he's taken care of it!

I took some pictures of Harrison on Sunday morning. He was still breaking out Saturday night and Madeleine's arm looked so bad that we sayed in again -- not to mention that Matt was breaking out too! I have to admit that I'm starting to go stir crazy from a week of being in, but I didn't want to risk spreading it to anyone. Thankfully, we've had the blow up pool/slide to keep us busy! And, it really didn't bother them too much until this weekend. Poor Harrison has been so itchy and the steroids have made him a very restless sleeper.

At least we now know all about poison ivy and hopefully this is the last time we'll have it!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Madeleine's Birthday

Instead of a big party, my sweet girl decided that she'd rather do something extra special with her best friend from school this year. I'm so thankful for the sweet group of friends that Madeleine has chosen at school. They are so good to each other. Madeleine has chosen her friends well and that makes me one proud momma!

Our first stop of the day was the girlie nail salon for mani/pedis for the girls. They had such fun choosing their colors and patterns -- purple with flowers for Madeleine and purple/pink zebra stripe for Nina. 
 Then we scooted over to the theater to see Brave. Neither girl had seen it and they were soooo excited! It did not disappoint! They loved it!
 Then we ended our fun afternoon with yogurt at Cherry Berry where they sampled everything. It was such a cool afternoon that we actually sat outside and enjoyed it!
It was a great way for Madeleine to celebrate her special day!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Celebrating Madeleine ~ 8 Years Old!

We had a BIG weekend in early July celebrating Madeleine's big birthday! This year we partied all weekend long. :) I was so excited and thankful that almost all of our families could be here to share this special time with her -- and Madeleine enjoyed every moment of being the center of attention!

We celebrated Friday night by grilling out burgers/hot dogs at our house with everyone. Madeleine picked out most of the menu and it was so so yummy! After dinner, she got to open her presents. Our families completely spoiled her! 

 Then it was time for cake. I had quite a time trying to find somewhere to buy a cake this year. Every bakery in NWA is closed the entire week of July 4th! We settled on a cake from Harps and she was quite happy with it.
 After cake and more fun, everyone but Grandad went to spend the night at a nearby hotel. The kids had a blast getting some early morning loves from Grandad the next morning -- and getting to go get some donuts with him in their jammmies. Everyone came back over that morning for breakfast. I love having our home filled with our families. It always reminds me that I am so very blessed.  I have wonderful parents, but I also have wonderful in-laws that I am close to -- so I am blessed with 2 families that I am a part of.
 The rest of Saturday was pretty low key. We went to the pool and got ready for church the next morning. Sunday was Madeleine's actual birthday and we let her open 2 gifts on Saturday, the night before. She got to open her gifts from Harrison & Charlotte. They were as excited to give them to her as she was to open them! I love that!

 Sunday we got up and headed to church. We came home and I fixed brunch -- biscuits, bacon, and our traditional birthday cinnamon muffins. It just isn't a celebration without them! Then she opened her gifts. It was such fun shopping for her this year! She got some clip earrings, books, princess toys, barbie toys, legos...

 Madeleine's one request for her birthday was to go bowling. So that's what we did.

 Madeleine & Harrison had a great time bowling & Charlotte spent most of the time "cleaning" the bowling alley and using up all the wipes.

 Matt helped Harrison and he did great!
 Our first game. I, obviously, am not a great bowler. :) But, the 4 of us had a blast! We bowled a second game before heading to Red Robin for dinner.

 After dinner, it was home for (more) cake. Madeleine had asked for a barbie cake and I was so relieved to find somewhere that would make one since, again, the bakeries were still closed. I think it looked great!

 And, it was filled with lots of pink icing! We all had pink mouths/teeth afterwards! Ha!

 She ended the day playing with her toys until it was time for bed. I think she had a great day!
 ** This is the Lego Cafe we got her that she put together all by herself. How adorable is it??!! She has played with it for weeks and I've found Charlotte in there many many times playing with it too. SO cute!