Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Person

Just last week, Charlotte started drawing "people." It's one of those milestones that always make me sit up and take notice -- she's growing up. Her is a picture of the first one -- drawn on a big ol'  box that I can't keep, so I had to take a picture. Since then, she's added arms and ears. Ha! The ears make me laugh -- that she would think of ears before a nose or body. :) It's fun to see what she must take note of on a person. Ha!
I love these little "jellyfish" people and I'm finding them all over now. She loves to draw and draws all the time. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February Wrap-Up

We had a very busy February and I only snapped a few pictures along the way. I'm so thankful for my iPhone -- it's about the only thing I use these days to take pictures.
We met up with some friends at a new jump place -- The Monkey House one Friday. My little monkey loved it -- she's always on the move and loves to run and jump so this was right up her alley! She climbed up the huge slide over and over.  
 I took this picture one night after dinner -- or after all the rest of us were finished eating. Charlotte talks and talks during dinner and then after everyone else is done (and her food is good and cold) she sits and eats every. single. bite. while I clean up. It cracks me up. This girl can eat! I'm always saying she eats like a man. :)
 The kids had presidents day off from school even thouth Matt had to work. :( We ended up staying home all day since Charlotte had a fever, but we did head out and get some McD's for dinner since Matt also had a class that night. I'll be so glad when his classwork is over -- only weeks away!

 This is how I found Harrison one afternoon shortly after coming home from school. In his recliner, with his snack and PJs. Love!
 Madeleine & Harrison "blew up" the volcano that Harrison got for his birthday. Fun times!

 Charlotte and I met up with her friend Whitney (and her mom) for some playtime at Boingo Bounce one morning. These girls are becoming good friends and I've found a sweet friend in her momma!
 Madeleine went to a skating party -- her first time to roller skate. She caught on remarkably fast and I think a skating party may be in our future for her!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Snowy Day Fun

One Wednesday in February we finally got a tiny bit of snow! It started snowing around 9am and Charlotte and I sat and watched it fall for most of the morning. Around noon, the roads were starting to get covered and school around us were dismissing, so I headed out and picked up the kids early and brought them home for what would, sadly, be our only snow day this year. 
When we finally got home (the traffic was madness -- but the roads ended up getting better throughout the afternoon) we just headed straight out to play. In hindsight, I'm so thankful that we did, because by the time Matt got home, it was mostly gone. Crazy AR weather!

It was a good, wet snow, perfect for packing! By the time we headed in, we'd rolled and packed most of the snow in our yard!

Our sad little attempt at a snowman. But, we had the best time building it-- that what counts in my book!
Charlotte wanted to swing. And, she thought that swinging in the snow was hilarious! She squealed over and over the whole time!

We came in for some hot cocoa to warm us up after over an hour outside! It was such a fun afternoon and I'm thankful for this one little snow that we did have.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Visiting Baby Cormac

We had a long weekend in February and decided to use it to go to LR to see our family there -- the biggest perk being that we got to see Cormac! Madeleine was sick when he was born and only got to peek at him from a distance, so she'd been dying to get back there so she could hold him.
Harrison decided that he liked him as well. :) He and Grandad have always been "buddies" and this trip Harrison decided that Cormac could now be a buddy as well -- but, in his words "He has a lot to learn about being a buddy." Love that! 
 Madeleine spent much of the weekend like this -- holding Cormac. She is like a mini baby whisperer. Seriously. She would take him, even if he was crying, and just shush and cuddle him and in moments he would calm down. I think he liked snoozing on his big cousin. :)

 The rest of the weekend was spent with the kids playing. Harrison built things for his starwars guys. My parents have all of our old legos and that's about all the kids needed for the weekend to keep them happy. They built and built all weekend long!

Saturday afternoon, Sharon & I got out and shopped a little bit and then Mimi & Grandad watched the kids so we could go out to dinner with Sharon & Stewart -- such a treat!
 We sadly didn't make church on Sunday morning. Sharon & Cormac stayed the night with us since Stewart was feeling bad & Charlotte woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. It was just a rough night all around. So we all stayed home and helped Mimi with lunch and took care of Cormac so Sharon could sleep. How I remember those days & endless nights! I have to admit I was thankful to know that I'd be home and getting a full night of sleep that night. ;)

Charlotte got some Motrin and started feeling better. Madeleine and Charlotte had a tea party while we fixed lunch on Sunday.
 We had to come home on Sunday night since Matt had to work on Monday, even though the kids were off. It was possibly the best trip home we've ever had. We got dinner on the way home and then the kids all fell asleep around 30 minutes from home and we just put them in their beds and they all stayed asleep -- a miracle! We got Charlotte up to give her some more meds for her fever, but she went right back to sleep. We were home and unpacked with all kids asleep by 8:30. Matt and I were looking around like, what are we going to do with this time??  Ha!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Afternoons

I discovered awhile back that Steak N'Shake has 1/2 price shakes in the afternoon from 2-4 (or 2-4am if that's more your style. :-) ). One Friday in February the kids and I headed over there after school for a fun treat! They all love milkshakes and it was fun to try out several different ones! It's definitely something we'll do again soon -- they've been begging to go back already.