Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Little Turtle

We found a little baby turtle in our front yard. He was so cute! We had such fun just watching him wander around. We made a little home for him, but since Harrison couldn't leave the little guy alone we ended up letting him go in the pond out back. I can't believe he wondered all the way up to our house from the pond! He's so little!

While it lasted they loved watching him. I think Madeleine was most amazed at the little guy -- which she told me emphatically was a "SHE." Poor Harrison just kept poking at him and trying to move him around. I think we've scared him from humans for life! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Day Of School

We started the last day of preschool by getting donuts for breakfast. Yum! They both had to have sprinkle donuts, of course and neither of them ate hardly any -- they were too excited!

Harrison wasn't really into having me take his picture this morning. :)

Me and my girl! I love the expression on her face!
Our last day was a "Fun in the Sun" day and everyone had a blast! Harrison was all over the place.....one time I was actually frantically searching for him. We'd blocked off the outside perimeter, but didn't think about him wondering INSIDE, which he did. I found him in a classroom with a teacher playing trains! AHHHH!

Madeleine had such a fun day! She fell in love with riding a scooter and we had to go get one later that day. She's getting really good on it too. Her class had bubbles to play with, too and Madeleine blew ALL of hers. The little kids loved chasing after them!
The bigger kids had lunch outside. Here's Madeleine's class having lunch together for the last time.

It was such a fun day! We've had a great year and are looking forward to next year. Harrison has really come into his own at school the past few weeks and I think he's going to enjoy next year even more. At first I wasn't sure how he'd do, but now I'm not worried at all! I just hope his teacher has a lot of patience! :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool Graduation

This week was our last week at preschool. It's a time I've both looked forward to (no more schedule and having to be somewhere early in the a.m.) and dreaded (my baby's going to kindergarden and the preschool days are over!).

Our program this year was adorable! We had a rainbow theme with each class being a different color. Harrison's class basically just sat there and looked cute or waved to their parents, so I'm sure everyone enjoyed hearing me sing their songs solo! :) Harrison spotted Matt early on and kept calling to him and wanting out of his chair to go to him.

On the other hand, Madeleine's class was amazing.....totally a result of having the BEST teacher ever! They sang so loud and clear and had such fun performing! They sang: My God is a Great Big God, Knock Knock Knock, The Orange Song, plus even more!

Here's Madeleine getting her diploma. She was so proud. She keeps saying that she's ready for kindergarden now.....if only momma was ready!

Here's Madeleine's little class.

We took this chance to get some cute pictures while everyone was happy and cooperative!

Here's Madeleine and Ms. Misty, who we're really going to miss!!!

This is Madeleine's favorite friend at school, Anna Claire. She comes home talking about Anna Claire every day!

This video is just one of the songs they sang, but it's my favorite. I always tear up when I hear her little voice singing it. And, yes, I did cry during the program. :)

I also want to brag for a minute that my girl sounded out her first word by HERSELF (I usually have to help a little bit) this week! I'm so proud of her! She's reading basic words and can spell so much! She's going to LOVE kindergarden!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Moments

Here are some random pictures from the past few weeks.

Last week, we took cupcakes to school to celebrate Madeleine's birthday since it's in the summer.
This is Madeleine with her sweet teacher, Ms. Misty. I can only hope that her kindergarden teacher is this sweet!
One day at the end of school the firemen came to check that the building was up to fire code. Of course, the kids were sooooo excited to see a firetruck up close! It was all I could to to keep Harrison from climbing into the truck. :)

Here's Madeleine making her crazy face during graduation. Silly girl!
One morning, I found Harrison in his room reading to his baby and rocking. It's just what he and Matt do every night before bed & we do before nap each day.
How great is this picture! I took this at our Muffins with Mom at school. Don't they look so happy to be there and have a special breakfast with mom!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


This post is a long time coming, but I'm finally getting around to it....

Last weekend was Matt's graduation. A day we thought would never get here. When Matt started his master's Harrison was only 3 weeks old. At that time it was hard to think that our little guy would be 2 1/2 when he finished and it seemed like the road stretched forever in front of us. And it hasn't been an easy road much of the time, but Matt has given 100% ALL the time and it paid off.

He graduated with a 4.0! All those late, LATE nights and Saturdays spend working all day were worth it to achieve this. And, did I mention that he did this while working on National Boards, teaching full time, teaching a summer class, raising 2 kids, doing afterschool tutoring and, oh yes, driving a bus part of the time! Whew. I think we're finally breathing again at our house. :)

I am so proud of him for doing this! He has been such an example of perseverence for our family and has taught our children the value of hard work. And, all this hard work also earned him a cool gift from his cool wife -- a new phone with internet, texting, tv, the works! :)

Graduation day was so exciting for us! I haven't been back to campus in such a long time and it's changed so much. It was fun to be back where we first met and thinking about all the fun we had there. Harding really is such a special place.

Here's Matt getting ready to walk in.
Graduation was really good, I thought. One reason is was so nice for us was this:
and this:
Harrison fell asleep about 10 minutes in and slept until about 10 minutes from the end. I couldn't have planned it any better and it was nice to be able to listen and enjoy it.

Here's Matt getting his diploma. He was practically the LAST person to walk across the stage. I took Madeleine up close with me when I took pictures and she ran under the ropes and gave Matt the BIGGEST hug when she saw him! It was sooooo sweet. I wanted her to see this. I thought it was important for her to understand what her daddy had been working for all those times he was gone to class and that this is a big deal. I really believe that in her own way she got that and was proud of him too. However, she kept asking me if he won a prize. When I told her "no" she was pretty upset at first and kept insisting that he HAD won a prize. Maybe she's right -- maybe in a way he did.
After graduation....time for pictures!
Matt with his parents
Matt's family

Matt, Harrison and Madeleine
Oh, so relieved!!!

I took this picture obviously not thinking about the reflection. I just thought they looked so sweet in these outfits!

Our family with Harrison tired of pictures!

The night after graduation we had a fancy dinner with all our family at my parents house. Here's Madeleine ready to eat. She even helped set the table.

We were thankful that Matt's Uncle Ben and Aunt Pat were able to come down from Searcy to join us for dinner, too!

Matt with his parents and Uncle Jerry -- who came all the way from Texas just to be there!
My two babies being silly at the end of the night!

I didn't take any pictures of Mother's day. I think we were all pictured out! But we had a great day....I got to be with my mom and have my babies with me. That's all I really needed. Although the cool new phone & ATL gift card were a great bonus!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Pantry Door Lock: Good Idea

Harrison is notorious around here for getting into the pantry and just helping himself to whatever is within his reach. Yesterday he came to me with a yucky look on his face and one hand that was white and a box of baking soda in the other.

I think a lock on our pantry door might be needed!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The day I thought would never come

Tonight is the end. And while this week has been crazy in so many ways, tonight all that faded away for a moment while I watch my sweetie leave for his LAST graduate class.....a day we all thought would never get here. I am so proud of him for what he's accomplished and how hard he's worked, but more on that to come...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why in the world is Harrison crying????

It's Saturday night bathtime and that means we have to wash our hair and body......something Harrison HATES! Usually we have to stand in the tub to do this just to keep him from crawling out. Poor baby! Look at this pitiful face.

But, it's soooo worth it since he smells so nice and clean after. :)