Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Kites of the Season

We have had a beautiful spring around here! The kids each got a kite in their easter baskets and we pulled them out one windy afternoon and had a great time!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May Misc

What a crazy, fun month this has been so far! And we are about to start the last 2 weeks of school which means even more fun happenings! Here's a little bit of what's been going on this month --

 Charlotte and her BFF Whitney. They are two peas in a pod. I love watching these 2 grow closer every day. We spend many hours each week with Whitney and her momma and they have been such a huge blessing to us! Whitney got Charlotte a Best Friends necklace and here they are chained together. :) 
 The big kids had Muffins with Mom at their school one morning. It was great to sit and eat with them -- just the 3 of us. Then I got to sit in on their morning assembly and wave them off as they started their day. 

 Matt brought me flowers home on graduation weekend. With everything going on I didn't snap a picture of them until a few days later, but they were still beautiful. And they smelled so good! Such a nice surprise on that crazy weekend.
 I snapped these pictures of Harrison & Charlotte at the ball field one night. He is such a sweet, sweet boy.

 I had a much needed Moms Nite Out with friends to see...."Moms Nite Out." It was a great movie and just what I needed! Such fun to catch up and spend some time with these lovely ladies.
  This cutie and I ordered Matt's graduation cake from Ricks one morning and then stayed for breakfast and to watch the cakes being decorated. What am I going to do when she goes to kindergarten in a year??!!

Back Again

Well it's been a crazy 2 weeks around our house! We had a great weekend watching Matt graduate and celebrating all that he's accomplished and then, lightening struck. Literally. Our home was struck by lightening. Thankfully it did not hit the house -- we don't think.

It was at the beginning of a storm that Monday after graduation. The kids were home from school playing and I was starting some laundry. I don't think I'd even heard more than one or two claps of thunder and it was just lightly raining. Suddenly I felt a jolt of electric shock go through me as I leaned over to get out laundry. The kids came running -- they had felt the shock and had seen the blue and white flash out the playroom window. The Carbon Monoxide detector was going off so we called the fire department and they came out right away -- one of the perks of living in a small town I think. :) They looked for smoke and didn't find any, but we still had some major damage. Our TVs were fried, Wii, Dvd players, docking stations, air conditioner, alarm system, dishwasher were all gone too. We ended up spending the night in a hotel since our air wasn't working and it was pretty warm and I think we all felt safer there until the next day when the electrician came out and fixed a bunch of our outlets that had been fried as well. It killed our router and internet which we've just gotten fixed, so no blogging for awhile. :(

But thankfully I think we've gotten the last of it taken care of -- the new dishwasher is coming this week. I'm so ready. I knew that we went through a lot of dishes each day, but handwashing has made me appreciate having a dishwasher more than ever!

In between getting everything fixed and being home to meet all these people we've been staying pretty busy! Madeleine has been loving softball, we've been getting our summer schedule worked out and the kids enrolled in the camps they want to attend, Charlotte is still tumbling away and we've been enjoying some family time with Matt finally slowing down a little more.

I'm hoping to get caught up this week! We have a fun summer ahead and I want to remember all of it!