Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Around our House

I took a few pictures of Christmas through our house the Sunday before Christmas. I'd stayed home with Charlotte because she was running a low fever and decided this might be my last chance to do it. I put Christmas up in early November this year (and will definitely do the same next year), but I was pretty ready to take it down a couple of days after Christmas. So here it is. Our home, Christmas 2012.

 I re-worked my mantle this year. I added the mesh to the greenery garland I already had and loved how it turned out. I got some whimsical floral pics at HL and put them in a green vase and then added some sparkly candles.

 Our tree. I'll be getting a new tree next year. I bought this one the year we moved to Cabot (2005) and have gotten 7 good Christmases out of it. This year several sections had lights out and Matt added some lights to make it look ok -- he knows how I hate dealing with lights and took care of this for me! The funniest part is that as we were eating Christmas dinner the lights on the top 1/3 of the tree just went out! Ha! I guess it decided Christmas was over and it was done!  So, bye bye tree.
 I'm kind of obsessed with wrapping presents. I take forever with each one and love making them look pretty.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Day this year was wonderful! We had such a fun, lazy, crazy, silly day! The kids were so excited to wake up and see what Santa brought and we were up with the sun around here.
Madeleine had asked for an American Girl McKenna Doll & Olivias House. Santa brought both, along with her puppy a dream light and some books. She thought it was pretty neat that Santa brought books that I had read when I was her age. :)
 Harrison really hadn't asked for anything this year. There were several things he'd mentioned here and there, but not really one thing he really wanted. Except an elf. He wanted a toy elf. And, Santa delivered with a bigger version of our Elf on the Shelf that looks just like him! Harrison is convinced that those are real elf clothes he's wearing because they are so soft! He loves this elf and sleeps with him every night. :) Santa also brought a very cool R/C car, legos, a dreamlight, and a R/C helicopter, which was the HIT of Christmas! Seriously, such a cool toy!

 (notice Madeleine got a "girl" elf too!)
 Santa brought Charlotte a kitchen and the pink shopping cart she'd asked for. She was so excited with her gifts! She went right up to the kitchen and didn't look back. She just started cooking and cooking. :)

 Oh, and Santa brought her some Skittles in her stocking -- her favorite!

 The kids could hardly wait to open their gifts so we did a few while breakfast was finishing up in the oven. Harrison loved his new Shark Rig Ship!
 Madeleine got her first robe. She wears it all the time!
 Charlotte got her own set of mini princesses. Made her so happy!
 They were dying to have Daddy open their gifts! They had both put some thought into them and he loved what he got!

 Madeleine with The Secret Garden book & movie. It was too fun picking out books for her this year. I could have spent a mini fortune on them. I love that she loves reading so much and it's fun to watch her discover the characters that I loved as a child. (who am I kidding? I still love them!)
 Shark Attack!

 Puzzles to add to her collection!She can do the whole alphabet now!

 Finally breakfast was cooked and ready! It was the perfect time to take a break and eat and "refuel" before opening more gifts.

 Harrison got some new spiderman PJs which we lived in for the next 5 days. Ha!

 Madeleine spent the afternoon playing with her new American Girl diner.
 Poor Charlotte got really sleepy well before lunch. She snuggled up in a playroom bin and shortly after I put her down for a nap. She was sooooo tired!

 We played all afternoon and then picked up a bit before dinner. Matt even got dressed. :) He said a meal like this called for something better than PJs from him. We had quite a feast that night! I made ham, mashed potato casserole, green bean bundles, baked fruit, strawberry pretzel salad and homemade rolls. It was by far the easiest Christmas dinner I've done and we'll probably have the same thing next year! It was food that everyone liked & would eat and that's a big plus too!

 For dessert I made White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake & a Peppermint Ice Cream Pie. The pie was quite a hit with the kids! We will definitely have it again!!

Such a great Christmas! I was completely exhausted by the end of the day, but it's sooo worth it! I love the memories that we made that day and the fun we had together. There is something so special and wonderful about the 5 of us being hauled up in the house together with no where to go and really nothing that "has" to be done. We can play and relax and just enjoy being together. Those are the most wonderful times of all.