Monday, November 30, 2015

Mock Meet 2015

The first week in November was Charlotte's first meet. She was so excited -- she's been working for this day for 6 months, which is a loooong time when you are 5 years old. We were up early that Saturday and at the gym by 7:30. She looked like a little gymnast in her fancy leo and hairdo. 
 This is her team with their coach. Lots of smiles that morning!
 The did lots of stretching first. Her splits are amazing!

 She competed in vault first. I snagged one picture before I went to video.
 We have emphasized to Charlotte over and over that the most important thing is to do her best and she needs to be happy with that -- and happy for her teammates when they win. We will ALWAYS celebrate after a meet if she pays attention and does her best -- whether she wins or not. I remind her every time that she goes into the gym to "be a good listener and do your best" and she does. She doesn't get in trouble. She works so hard. Of course, she has off days, but she tries so hard and loves it so much. I don't know if she will always love it this much -- and we are in gymnastics as long as she loves it and if/when she's done, we are done. But, I really thought this meet would be a turning point -- either she'd love being up there in front of a crowd showing off her skills, or she would be shy and uncomfortable. And, she thrived. She loved every minute. I thought before the meet that it wasn't possible for her to love it any more that she already does, but I was wrong.

It's hard to believe that a year ago she had never even touched a bar or a beam, and I'm just amazed at how far she has come in just 9 months. 

I was so so happy with how she did after each event. I've watched her practice and I knew that she tried her best and I was so proud of her, even before the winners were announced.

And she WON.
* 1st place in Vault
*1st place in bars
*2nd place in beam
*1st place in floor

Instead of medals for this meet, her gym did prizes and Charlotte got to pick something every time she won. She left there with her arms full of prizes -- lots of makeup. :) And, a HUGE pillow that she loves!
 We have been so very blessed with an amazing coach. When we made the leap and gave gymnastics a try 9 months ago, I prayed that she'd have a coach that was a good match for her. And, we have been blessed with a coach that fits our girl perfectly. Charlotte needs someone tough, someone that will challenge her, but also someone that gives her encouragement when she needs it and Coach Katie has been such an answer to my prayers.
 Mimi and Grandad came and sat through the entire meet. All 4 hours. :)
 We are so proud of our girl. She pretty much floated through the rest of the weekend.....and I let her just enjoy every moment. She worked for it.

 Here are her scores for her first meet. I have no idea if they are good or not -- I know ZERO about gymnastics, but I'm beyond proud of how hard she worked!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Toothfairy Visit

Charlotte lost her first tooth today! She's been dying to have a loose tooth and finally last week one of her bottom teeth started to be a tiny bit wiggly. She worked on it all weekend, and last night, Matt brushed it kind of hard and got it a lot looser (which Charlotte didn't like, but it did the trick!). She got up this morning and right away started asking Daddy to pull it. 

I had to take one last picture of my baby with all her baby teeth. 
 Then, out it came! She was so brave, no tears at all! And, the big kids have informed her that she will get $5 for her tooth, since that's the tradition for a first tooth in our house. :) She toted that tooth around with her all day, she is so proud!
It's such a bittersweet thing when the baby of the family starts growing up. I think with Madeleine I was so excited to see these milestones, and I'm still excited, but it's a little bit sad at the same time. I guess that's just life. And, it reminds me to take in the little moments because too soon they will all be gone.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Crazy Fall Catch Up

Whew! This has been a super busy fall around our house! Harrison played fall baseball, Madeleine did cheer, and Charlotte is still in gymnastics. Matt picked up 2 adjuncting classing 2x a week, and I started (and quit) a part-time job (because with the kids doing so so many activities and Matt being gone so much, it was just too much strain on our family for me to be so committed as well.) 

So, here's a quick recap of some of our fall....

Prairie Grove has a big Clothesline Fair every Labor Day weekend and square dancing is a HUGE part of that. Square Dancing is a big tradition in PG, and they have dancers from 4 years old to 18 years old. The older groups compete, but for Charlotte's group it was just for fun. And, did she have fun!! She loved it! This girl loves to perform! 

The weekend kicks off with a parade on Saturday morning, then square dancing on both Saturday & Monday. I'm thankful that we had Tuesday off to recover! Ha! I rode with her in the parade and she had such fun throwing candy and waving to everyone she knew. :)
 This is her partner, Leon. She has a little crush on him -- and kissed him the first week of school! AHHH! This one is going to keep me on my toes. ;)

 Matt surprised Harrison with tickets to his FIRST Razorback game that weekend as well. They went early and had the BEST time -- Harrison had so much to say about it when they came home.
 Charlotte is loving school. I find her playing school almost every day.
 It's so nice to have a Dad that can help you in math!
 Madeleine and Maci -- Madeleine & I went to watch her group square dance. So fun!
 The girls went to open gym one night and Harrison tagged along with Matt & me to dinner. It was nice to have some time with just him.
 I put out the fall decor & pulled out our fall books and this little one was super excited to read them all!
 Biggest Fall News: I got a new nephew!! He is adorable and perfection all in one little bundle. I got to go down and be there when he was born and it was unforgettable!
 And, this little cutie and I had some good bonding time then as well. :)
 Charlotte learned to read!! She couldn't believe it one night when I pulled out this book and she could actually read almost all of it!
 We made a second trip to Little Rock to see the kids new cousin. They all took turns holding baby Cashel. I'm pretty sure they just adore him.

 Charlotte's team surprised her coach with cookies to celebrate Coach Katie's birthday. These girls are quite a team now!
 One day after gym. She never naps, and I had to take a picture. Ha! All those long days just finally caught up to her.
 Mystery Movie Night! We watched The Ghost & Mr. Chicken and the kids loved it!

 Charlotte got strep and was so sick! I took her to the doctor and they told me that this was her first time on an antibiotic, which is crazy! I knew she's been a healthy kid, but I had no idea that this was her first "real" illness!
 Unfortunately, she had an allergic reaction to her first antibiotic, so we ended up back at the doctor for a new prescription. Her doctor won't prescribe the one she could take in a liquid form, only pill form (she says it tastes like GARBAGE and after smelling it, she is right. Yuck!). Our doctor's orders were to break the pill apart, dump out the contents in a spoonful of ice cream and have her take it that way. So, Charlotte got ice cream 3 times a day for 14 days. She didn't complain too much....although it still tasted pretty bad!
 We had "hair night" at the gym so I could learn how to do her hair for gymnastics. I'm not a good hair mom -- it never looks just right, so I was super proud of how this looked!

 Harrison & Matt scored tickets to another game -- and these were Box Seats! Wahoo! This game went into several overtimes before the Hogs won and they were nice & cozy inside. :)

Harrison had a blast playing fall ball! He played with several guys from church and they had a great season! 
 Love these boys!
 These 2 had PJ day at school. I love PJ day at school -- they just roll out of bed and go.
 These two. Madeleine was reading to Charlotte one night before bed while I helped Harrison with his homework and I found them like this. Charlotte is so spoiled to have such a great big sis.
 Harrison's 3rd grade class had their program. It was so cute and they all did great! I'm thankful for good friends for my kids.
 I checked him out after and we headed to Sonic before picking up the girls.
 Madeleine & I had a girls day out shopping. It's so fun to spend time with her these days!
 Another gym meeting and these girls hung out in the corner. :)
 Charlotte's Thanksgiving feast at school.

And, that wraps up most of our crazy fall. We've moved on to basketball and lots of holiday activites both at school & home!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Halloween 2015

Costume Parade at school. I forgot to get a picture of Charlotte, but snapped one of my favorite football player. 
 Then it was on to lunch with Charlotte that day. They had a parent lunch and she was so excited to order a tray since I never let them order from the cafeteria. I keep telling her that it's gross and this day pretty much cured her from ever asking again. Ha! I think she ate 2 bites....gross.
 Then it was off to her class party. Her first school party and she has been counting the days!
 They had colored their spot at the table and I cut out and saved hers. She wrote, "I like my house."
 These 2. They call each other PeyPey & CharChar. Love these girls!
 We carved pumpkins and had some family fun!
 Halloween 2015 -- football player & cat.