Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Charlotte's New Trick

Sometime when we weren't watching, Charlotte attended Diaper Removal 101. It's her newest trick and she thinks it is hilarious to take her diaper off or pull it down as far as she can. I caught her this afternoon after coming back from the pool running through the house like this....

Little did I know at the time, but there was a BIG surprise in that diaper too! :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweets and Swings

The first week that Matt was off, Harrison, Charlotte and I took both Matt & Madeleine on what's become one of our favorite morning outings this spring.

First stop: Krispy Kreme for some yummy donuts!

Charlotte has discovered that she likes them too!

After sugarin' the kids up goooood, we headed around the corner to play at one of our favorite parks.

This particular park has a creek that runs right beside it and under a bridge. It's the perfect entertainment for little boys....and girls, too. We spent a lot of our time there playing by the water and throwing rocks in it.

I tried out the B&W setting on my camera just for kicks!

We wrapped up with a bit more playing on the playground before heading home all hot and sweaty. Such a fun morning. One we'll do again soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Parkin' It

While Matt did end up taking off a good part of this summer (although not quite as much as we'd planned -- more on that in another post!) he spent the first couple of weeks attending some professional development. One day the kids and I made the most of a rare cool morning and headed to the park -- and with our record-breaking heat wave, I'm so thankful we did!

We absolutely love Wilson Park in F'ville! It's perfect for all of my kids even with their very different ages. Our first stop was the sand/swings. Charlotte hates the sand, but was quite happy to be pushed in the swings while Madeleine & Harrison played in the sand.
My Sand Man! I'm sure we brought home at least a quart of sand in his pants/pockets! He would sit and play in the sand all day if I'd let him!

Madeleine had been wanting to go for awhile so she could show off her new monkey bars skills. She'd been working on them a school for awhile and could go backwards and forwards. She was pretty proud of herself!

And, Charlotte discovered the slide. Madeleine was such a great helper and would take Charlotte up to the top of the slide and help her go down and I would catch her. We probably did this 20 times! And, there was a wee bit of a fit when it was time to leave the slide behind!!!

Such a wonderful summer morning with my sweeties!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Super Seven

I know I'm so behind in keeping up with our blog this summer! We've been busy having fun and spending a lot of time as a family -- trying to prepare ourselves for this crazy year we're about to start again!
This year Madeleine was so excited about her birthday! She's been counting down the days and looking forward to opening her gift and having a day that was all about her. :) The night before her birthday, Matt & I decorated after she'd gone to sleep so she would wake up to something special.

That morning she woke up and loved what she saw! She's at the age where she really gets excited about all the little extra things we do for her birthday and it's so fun to do them! The first thing on our birthday girl's agenda was a special daddy-madeleine breakfast at a new bakery near us. It's called the Briar Rose Bakery and it looks like a cottage out of a fairy tale -- curved roof and curved doors with a special little door for kids and even castle-like chairs to sit it! She loved it!

After she and Matt got home it was my turn for some special time with the birthday girl! We had an appointment for a mani/pedi at Glitterbox Salon-- a salon just for little girls. She was so excited about having her nails done and picked blue and pink zebra stripes with glitter for both her fingers and toes.

After a quick stop at Sonic for drinks we headed back home to open gifts. Harrison was about to bust from keeping his gift for her a secret. She'd been bugging him for days to tell her what he'd bought, but he held firm & kept it a secret. Probably, because I'd told him that if he told her what he bought her for her birthday we would take it back and he would have to pick out something else. Since he'd spent a long time considering what to buy and choosing the "perfect" thing he did NOT want to do that! So, she was entirely surprised by his gift. He chose a Ariel & Prince Eric set for her birthday. We are a little short on princes here, so she was very excited!

Then it was on to opening the rest of the gifts! She got some more charms for her Disney charm bracelet, a bag of scrapbook stuff (funky scissors, paper, etc), Tangled Leapster Game & Leapster Camera App, Polly Pocket fairy set, Barbie Airplane to start off.

She wanted a new "sparkly" Bible. And, while I rolled my eyes a bit as I bought it, I have to admit that she's keeping up with it really well and reading it too. She just loves it and it suits her personality perfectly!

Her most favorite gift -- the Tangled Tower. She's been eyeing this in the stores for months, and was so so excited to get it!

After gifts and lunch, we waited for Mimi & Grandad, Sugar & Stewart to arrive to celebrate with us that evening!

Madeleine chose Red Robin for dinner and ate her entire hot fudge sundae they gave her. She wanted us to make sure that they sang to her and loved that moment of being the center of attention. :)

After dinner it was party time! We headed home for cake and ice cream. Since our 2 favorite bakeries were closed that week (from it being the 4th of July week -- boo!) we ended up with a HUGE cake from Sams.

***Side note: I make these paper poms and I'm think I might be addicted to making them now. They're headed to Madeleine's room to hang.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Year Letter

My dear sweet Madeleine,
How is it possible that it has been seven, seven years since the first moment that I looked into your face and held you in my arms. I remember that moment so well. I remember looking at you as the doctor put you in my arms and feeling as if I'd been waiting my whole life for this moment. After months of wondering and talking with your Daddy about what you'd look and be like, it seemed in that moment that I'd known you forever and you'd been a part of us forever.

When you were a baby I could never wrap my mind around you grown up. And, yet, here we are seven years later and you're becoming quite grown up.

This year I've seen more changes in you than perhaps any year with the exception of your first. The biggest change has been your newfound independence and along with that independence has come a huge amount of self confidence. You used to be the quiet, shy child of any group. But, now, you find a new friend anywhere we go. You are loved by your classmates at at school and make friends so easily. You are determined to do things yourself and have the confidence to try anything new that interests you. Along with this independence has come a healthy dose of stubbornness, which has been our biggest challenge as your parents this year. :)

One of my greatest joys this year has been watching you discover an overwhelming love of reading -- you've actually read 16 chapter books in the past 10 days! I wish I could take all the credit for how much you love to read, but I have to give a large part of it to the incredible kindergarten and first grade teachers you've had. There are many nights lately that your Daddy & I have to make you put up your book at bedtime and it's not without a fight! Your favorite books right now are Junie B. Jones, Rainbow Fairies, Magic Treehouse and just recently you've started The Boxcar Children. I miss reading to you, but you prefer to read yourself and I love to hear you laughing out loud in your room as you read. It always makes me smile.

As much as you have changed this year, there are parts of you that have simply grown stronger and become more and more a part of who you will forever be. You have always has a servant heart and this has grown more this year. You are quick to help me at home -- you usually set the table and often help me do the dishes because you just want to help. You are a constant help with Charlotte and I've been reminded of that even more with you home this summer. You love to "mother" Charlotte and I can already tell that you will be a wonderful mother one day.

Of all the things I love about you, one of the things that I love the very most is your pure heart. I love that you see with your heart and not your eyes when you look at others. Your best friends at school aren't the same ethnicity or from the same social status. But, you don't see what the world sees -- you see them as God sees them. I just love that. And, I find myself praying every single day that you will keep that forever.

Madeleine, you have been one of the greatest blessing that I've ever been given. You have taught me more about how much love a momma's heart can hold that you will ever know. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and I am thankful that I get to be a part of your life each and every day.