Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our Big Saturday

Happy as usual. :)
Hey, what's that?
Let me get a little closer....
Will it go in my mouth?
Harrison has finally started sitting. I still put a pillow behind him, just in case, but he's pretty much mastered the sitting thing. He can even bend over and put his toes in his mouth then sit back up. He seems so proud of himself, too, although he still prefers to be on his tummy most of the time to play. He can really move around to! Won't be long before he's on the move. Madeleine went to a birthday party next door this afternoon. She had such fun -- they had 2 big bouncers to jump in and a massive slip n' slide. She was exhausted when it was over, but it was a little late for a nap, so I told her to get in bed and just read some books instead. This is what I found 10 minutes later. Guess she should be wearing Harrison's shirt (check the pics,it says "Sleepyhead").

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Play Date

Today my friend Jamie and her two kids -- Hannah and Lincoln -- came over for a playdate. It was so much fun! The girls were soooo cute. They played and played together, with very little fussing. They played in the pool after lunch for a long time and took turns washing each other. We could hear them outside laughing and chatting away. I think they're both pretty big talkers. Guess that they get it from their moms! It was wonderful to have someone for me to talk to, also. I'm sure I probably talked Jamie's ear off, but it can get pretty lonely at home all day with just a 3 year old for conversation. :) It's also nice to have someone that completely understands the ins and outs of adding a second baby to your family. Our little guys are just a month apart and still pretty little, so they weren't too interested in each other -- yet. Give them a few more months and we'll be watching them more than the girls! Ha! ;) Even as I write this Madeleine is in the other room "fixing" things for when Hannah comes back (which she keeps saying is tomorrow). So sweet.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Harrison is 6 Months Old!

I realize I'm a little late posting this, but this has been such a crazy weekend for us! Thursday night I took the kids down to my parents house to spend the night. Harrison went to the doctor on Friday morning & weighed in at .........20lbs 6oz! That's right, more than Madeleine weighted at 1 year (fully clothed). It's amazing. If I hold him for very long, my arm REALLY starts to hurt. :) Then, Friday afternoon, I had the chance to get out with my sister and do some much needed shopping. Saturday, Madeleine went to her first VBS and had a great time. She got to get inside an ambulance and see a firetruck.
So, on to Harrison. Right now is one of my favorite ages. He can roll both ways, when he feels like it, but prefers to play on his tummy. He can turn himself in a circle while playing on his tummy. He smiles all the time. He laughs easily, especially at his sister. He laughs so hard when I sing to him (should I be insulted?). He can sit with only a little support and loves to sit in his BUMBO. He makes cooing sounds and squeals at himself. He can put his toes in his mouth (something he's just learned) and especially likes to do this at mealtime. He pretty much puts anything and everything in his mouth. He is a drool machine. :)
How can it have already been 6 months? Before I know it, I'll be posting his first birthday. WAAAAAA. Enjoy the pics.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Thoughts

Madeleine and Daddy.

Hanging out with Mimi and Grandad. Look at Harrison's smile!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day for all of us! We were able to hear my dad preach -- always a special treat-- then join my parents for a delicious family dinner. I made a key lime pie that's become our traditional Father's Day dessert & we pretty much finished off at the dinner table! :)

I also took some pictures of Madeleine and Harrison with my parents. My mammy sent both of them some adorable new outfits. Madeleine HAD to wear her new ladybug dress last night. She loves this dress and has been after me to let her wear it all week. After church, Madeleine climbed into Harrison's carseat and Matt carried her to the car. She's not much heavier than my boy is! Ha!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father"s Day!

I couldn't resist scanning in some old pictures of me and my dad, since it's Father's Day. The older I get and the more I raise my own children, the more convinced I am that I have been blessed with amazing parents! I used to think that my mom and dad were lucky to have kids that didn't really get into trouble -- good kids. Now, I realize that it wasn't us -- it was them all along. They made us into who we are today. So, in honor of Father's Day, some bits of knowledge I gained from my Dad.....
1. Think before you leap -- you never know if someone will be there to catch you
2. Check the weather forcast everyday
3. "A few kind words" can make someone's day
4. Tell your children "Yes" whenever you can, they grow up fast
5. Sometimes it's okay to eat dessert first
6. Tell your family you love them every day
7. Never let your tank of gas get below 1/4 full, in case of emergency
8. Doing the right thing is rarely the easy thing, but you'll be rewarded for doing it
9. Pray everyday
This list could go on forever. I just want to say that I really do thank God everyday for the Dad (and Mom) he gave to me. He lives what he believes, and challenges me to do the same.
Now, for the other "Father" in my life. The father of my children...

I know that I am equally blessed to have a husband that LOVES being a father. He plays tea party, colors, tickles, giggles, gives piggy-back rides and even shares his ice cream with Madeleine & Harrison. It is obvious to anyone that knows Matt, that he loves his children and enjoys being with them. There's no sense of duty, everything he does is out of love. If you aren't a parent, you haven't experienced what it is like to see your spouse love your children. I think that I fell in love all over again with Matt when Madeleine, and then Harrison, was born. I love watching him with them. He may not do everything my way, but that's what makes his way even more special. Who else would let them eat Goldfish Crackers and Ice Cream for dinner? :)

So, Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tea Time

Today we had planned on going to the pool, but the weather didn't cooperate. So, instead Madeleine and I had a girl's day, along with a tea party. First, we went to the Dollar Store -- one of Madeleine's favorite places to go! It's great because I can say YES to whatever she wants to buy, knowing that it's only $1. And, we have fun exploring all the interesting things you can buy. We came home with 2 books, princess stickers, an orange ball, and a fishing pole w/ fish. Then we went to the grocery and bought ice cream and cookies to make after dinner. At home we set out a blanket (she's gotten possessive of one of Harrison's blankets & has pretty much taken over it, thus the sports blanket) and her new tea set (thanks Mimi!). Then we got out some little crackers and "tea." She had to have her Dora Dolls at the party and she played tea party. At one point, she picked up a Dora and said, "Mommy, I just love her so much." How sweet is that!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


This afternoon I was able to spend some time with my Granny while she was in town. It was the first time she's seen Harrison, since she lives so far away, and I captured some great moments on my camera. Harrison is partially named after her and the first picture I'm posting is three generations of "Nichols." Carrie Nichols Hamilton (Granny to most of us!), My Dad ("Nick") and Harrison Nichols. Harrison was so good and let everyone hold him and smiled and laughed for them. Of course, this is just his usually happy personality. What I did to get such a pleasant baby, I will never know. The one thing I do know is that I don't deserve it! :)

We are planning to take Madeleine to the pool tomorrow (if the rain holds off), and I'll try and post some pics of her. She's already bouncing off the walls with excitement since this is her first trip to the BIG pool. I hope she likes it and isn't scared of the water. She has a tendency to be a little skeptical of new things at first. As for me, I'm just looking forward to getting some sun and being the lightest person in the room for a change! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Pics

I took some pictures of the kids this weekend, just for fun. They turned out pretty good, considering that I had to get both of them to smile & look at the camera. Don't they look adorable in their matching outfits! I love the one of Harrison looking at Madeleine. He just adores her. And, it's acutally mutual. She wants him in her room when she's playing and will try and include him in her play. Her new thing to do it pretend to be a princess. She wears her little tiara and puts on her heels and throws a blanket over her shoulders and walks around saying that she's a princess. And, yesterday in the car, she asked my mom (Mimi) to tell her she was "gorgeous." Okay, so we're a little self-centered. :) I prefer to think of it as "confident."

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bike Time!

Last night we got out Madeleine's Dora bike and tried to teach her how to pedal. I guess she's not really ready for it -- she just walks her feet to make it go, but still loves it! Then we got out the sidewalk chalk and, along with our neighbor Abbie, made pictures on the driveway until dark. When we finally told Madeleine it was time for bed, she just looked at Abbie and said, "I'm tired, I have to go to bed." And off she went, to bed, right to sleep.

I'm also posting some pics of Harrison. Look at those chubby thighs! They are HUGE and so cute. He's already trying to stand and wants to stand all the time which isn't easy on mommy since he now weighs almost 20lbs. That's right 20lbs at 5 1/2 month. The same as Madeleine at 1 year. WOW.