Thursday, March 3, 2016

Level 2 Gymnastics

 Charlotte had a fantastic year at level 2. Honestly, I still can't believe how well she did, considering that she'd only started formal gymnastics a few months before starting level 2.

She had 6 meets, including mock meet. She placed first place in all around in every single meet in her age division. Crazy! All around means that she had the highest total points and her highest was a 37.4. In 2 meets she won 1st place in every event as well as all around. She won first in floor and vault at

Now, I realize that level 3 won't be like level 2, but she worked so hard and did so well! This year is going to be much harder competition at level 3, and she will have her share of losses, but she still loves it and wants to try.

So, here's a recap of level 2:

Sophia is her gym bestie.
 A little pre-meet stretch.

 Bars was her toughest event. She fought hard to place every time.
 I love that Coach Katie always had some encouraging words before she stepped out on the floor.

 I bought some professional pics of her at a few meets. They captured her so well! She worked so hard and gave 100% every single day and I really thing she earned the scores she had! It was over 1/2 way thru the season before Charlotte realized they put her name up on the screens with her score! Ha!

 I look at these pictures in awe, considering she was just 5 when most of them were taken. She looks at them and tells me "mom, my toes aren't straight, or my feet aren't together." It's amazing what they learn.

I know she's still little, and I have no idea if she will continue to love gym and want to stay in it, but I'm constantly amazed at the poise and calm this little girl has. She gets up in front of so many people and focuses and remembers and does exactly what she has trained to do. No matter what her future holds, she will always have that to carry with her. Sure, she has learned some incredible skills, but some of the things she has learned aren't what I expected -- she can keep her cool, she has so much confidence, she can focus. She has found a place in the gym that she is at home, and watching her grow there has been such fun.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Charlotte turns 6!

What a fun birthday this girl had this year! She had so many friends and we had a big party at the gym which suited our little gymnastics-loving gal just fine!

Last night of being 5!!
 She's the first kiddo to have a birthday on an actual school day, so we woke up early to a special birthday breakfast.

 I told her that I'd bring her whatever she wanted for lunch -- so that meant Chick Fil A and Braums for dessert. Then I checked her out and took her home with me for the afternoon.

 We did presents and dinner out then back home for cookie cake. Such a fun day for our girl!
  We did her big party on a Friday night -- and I've gotta say Friday night parties are genius! We had every single kid we invited come so Charlotte was surrounded by so many of her sweet friends!
 We did hair ties &skittles for favors.

She had friends from church, school and gym there to celebrate with her. I loved watching her having such a fun night!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Christmas 2015

We had a fantastic time celebrating Christmas this year! We kicked off the season with our traditional North Pole Breakfast to welcome back our elf.

 We tried something new and went a saw the Stewart Family Light display this year and it did not disappoint! So many lights!
 Cookie decorating as a family. :)

 Our sibling gift exchange is always one of my favorite things!

 We had a pretty big Christmas this year! Madeleine got the IPhone she's been dying to have, and Harrison got his Xbox. Charlotte only wanted school stuff for playing school.

I love Christmas day. We stay home and in our jammies and play with new stuff and watch Christmas movies and I love being holed up in our cozy house with our little family.