Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fabulous Friday

We had quite a full Friday last week! We started off with Harrison's school program "Lemonade" which was soooo cute!
They all got to wear their costumes as part of the program. Harrison decided not to wear his Halloween costume, but instead to go as Captain America. He sang so well and was so cute. 

 The program was after lunch so we were just able to check him out for the day. Here he his with his adorable teacher, Mrs. Foster. He absolutely LOVES being in her class this year -- and tells me often how much he loves school this year. Music to my ears!!
 As soon as we finished with Harrison's program we headed over to Madeleine's school (which is next door -- nice, huh?!) for her awards program. We knew that she was getting an award we just didn't know what.
 She got the STAR award for her team (there are 2 teams) and also got an award for having All A's this quarter. I am so proud of her! Middle school is definitely a "step up" from elementary but she has taken it all in stride and done just wonderful!

 As soon as we finished Madeleine's awards ceremony, we headed to the High School to drop the girls off for their last day of cheer camp. We killed a few minutes and then headed back to see their performance. I mostly took video and this is the only picture I actually took. Charlotte loved "stinting" (aka "stunting") and it was her favorite part. :)
 The girls did great with their dances and cheers! We headed home to grab a quick dinner and loaded back up again to head to Madeleine's last softball game of the season. Madeleine and Lindsey have had a blast playing softball together the last couple of years! They are so good to encourage each other and support each other on and off the field.
 The girls played their best games by far. We played a double header and lost the first one by 1 point and won the second -- a win against the best team in our league! Woohoo! Way to go out on top! Matt said it was the "Madeleine & Lindsey Show" that night. The other team could hardly score. Madeleine plays pitcher and every ball that came anywhere near her she caught and threw to Lindsey at first which Lindsey always caught and got them out. They were like a machine that night! It was so so fun to watch!! Madeleine had some great hits -- you can expect her to pretty much always hit the ball so now she's working on trying to hit it harder. And she had some good hits!
 Final huddle
 And, a win like that calls for ice cream! Our team had a late night trip to Braums to celebrate! We didn't get home until after 10:30 (those 8:30 games are brutal) but it was worth it! Such a perfect way to end the season and a fun end to our fun Friday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Branson Weekend

The kids had a day off from school a couple of Mondays ago and so we loaded up and headed to Branson for the weekend! But, first we had our family pictures here. We left right after pictures and drove straight there. 
 We stayed at Castle Rock and as soon as we got there and checked in we hit the pools! One of the kids favorite things about the hotel is the bunk beds. Last time Madeleine got the top bunk and Harrison was quick to remind us that this time it was his turn!

 We swam until the pool closed and then threw on our PJs and headed out for some ice cream.
 We were all so tired that night and everyone went right to sleep. The kids slept in a little and after a quick breakfast we were right back at the pool.

 They love the slides and the lazy river. Charlotte was big enough this time to do the river by herself and she went round and round on that thing! Madeleine spent most of her time on the slides, but did join us on the river at the end when she got tired. :) And Harrison loved the slides too -- the kids played so hard! When it was time to go they were all tired and hungry.

 A trip to Branson always includes a stop at Fuddruckers for burgers and shakes.
 And then it was time to head home. It was just we weekend getaway that we needed. Perfect!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cheer 2014

I am going to try and (once again) catch back up. It seems the days are just too short right now and by the time homework is done, dinner is made and cleaned up, kids are bathed, read to, in bed, I'm too tired to think of turning on the computer and trying to blog. But, I know that I will want to remember these days so I'm promising myself that I will do better! 

Madeleine did cheer this fall at PG. They have an awesome PeeWee program that starts in 4th grade and the kids can do football/cheer and basketball. Madeleine LOVED cheer! They cheered at all the 5th grade football games so for the past few months that's been our Saturday mornings -- out at the football field. We've traveled all around our area to games and it has been a TON of fun! The girls have improved a lot -- they added stunts to their halftime routine and even a dance! Madeleine has already said that she wants to cheer again next year. It has been such a great experience for her -- she's made some good friends and had a blast!
 Her sweet friend Lindsey came out to see her cheer when we played the school where she goes. :)
 And, Charlotte tagged along for most games -- she's learned all the cheers too. :) These girls have been so sweet to her -- and Gracie (from church) is one her favorite 6th grade cheerleader!

 PG celebrated homecoming big and 5th grade cheer/football got to ride in the parade. Madeleine loved getting to ride on their "float" and throw out candy. They went all over town. So fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Weekend

In the middle of cheer and softball season this year, we actually had a weekend that we had neither cheer of softball. It was one of our first cool weekends and it was rainy and we spent that saturday curled up inside spending time as a family! 

Matt taught Harrison to (finally) tie his shoes. He picked it up in a matter of minutes; it was just one of those things that we need to find time to sit down and do with him. And thanks to velcro -- this was one of the first years he's had laces that needed to be tied! 
 Madeleine worked on a Prezzi just for fun! How I love this girl!
 I made yummy chicken noodle soup and our favorite crackers that afternoon. We ate and watched the Razorback Game.

 Matt loves having a buddy to watch football with this fall. Harrison has just become obsessed with football lately -- you can usually find him with a football in his hands.
 And Charlotte did her usual thing -- flipping around the house! Ha!