Monday, April 27, 2009


We had brownies and ice cream sundaes for a special treat at dinner. Of course, the kids couldn't get enough of the sprinkles -- something we don't do often enough I guess. So, when Madeleine asked if I'd leave the sprinkles on the table, I said "sure." Bad, bad decision.

Moments later, I hear her cry "OH NO! I turn to see this:

Let's see that closer, shall we....
I think there's a brownie and ice cream under there somewhere.
Harrison had dumped the whole bottle into his bowl and was shoveling them in his mouth as fast as his hand could get them there. I'm all for sprinkes, but this might be a little much.
And did I mention the sugar high that soon followed????

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harrison's New "Bed"

Madeleine and Harrison dumped all the balls out of Harrison's Firetruck (about 200 of them -- FUN) and made it into a bed for their "sleepover." They laid in there off and on all morning. At nap time, Harrison grabbed his blanket and ran for the "bed" and when I told him he had to sleep in his crib, he proceeded to throw a fit.

There are few things I love more than hearing them playing together. They are so sweet to each other and he's going to miss her terribly next fall when she's in school all day. :( Then he'll just have ol' mom to entertain him.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Windy City

I've decided that NWA could give Chicago a run for it's money. Seriously. Our little piece of land here in Farmington has GOT to be one of the windiest places on earth! Sometimes the wind can even blow our swingset around -- and that's on a sunny day. You wouldn't believe what it can do during a storm! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I love where we live. One of my favorite things to do is watch the wind blowing across the water on the pond out back. I even love seeing the crazy golfers trying to hit into that strong wind! So, tonight we took full advantage of the strong "breeze" and flew a kite! We had the perfect place -- the deserted driving range! :)

It was a perfect evening for it and the kids had the best time! I didn't buy a kite for Harrison, since I didn't think he'd be interested (or able to stay still for that long), but, boy, was I wrong. He wanting to try and when we let him, he sat still for the longest time just watching it go! Madeleine on the other hand is an old pro at kites and did great! We had enough wind that it never really hit the ground and stayed in the air the entire time! Go Madeleine!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Week's Fun

Last week we were able to get out some with the new friends we've been making at church. It's been too long since we had regular playdates with friends (for me and the kids!!) and we're looking forward to being more settled now that we've found a church home.

We took the kids to a Fun City and it lived up to it's name. The kids had a blast! It was like ChuckECheese only there was LOTS of free stuff to do and not as many games, which makes this mom a happy camper!

Harrison LOVED this big ball! He was a little timid at first then really got into it.
They both had such fun in the enormous ball pit!! It was like Harrison's dream come true. He just kept throwing himself down into the balls over and over again. :)
Later that week we went up to the Promenade to have lunch/ride the new carousel/play outside. They were so so so SO excited about the carousel!! And I have to say, it was a loooooong ride too. Harrison was looking a little queasy by then end -- next time we may ride BEFORE lunch. Madeleine had her horse all picked out -- she just had to ride the sparkly one, which I realize in this picture doesn't look sparkly at all. But, trust me -- it was.

We headed outside to play at the playground, but the kids enjoyed the water more. It was a warm day, but that water was still freezing. Madeleine kept asking me if she could take her pants off to get in, but she had to make due with just rolling them up. Mean mommy.
Harrison would have been all in that fountain, except he was still a little too short. So, he had to settle for hanging over the edge and sticking his hands and feet in.

I also just realized that I only took pictures of my kids. I need to work on that! Ha!
I also have to say that our house is in countdown mode. Two weeks from tonight Matt will finish his LAST graduate class!!! I am so ready for a break (as is he) and for matt to be home more often. Now, we just have to survive the next fourteen days.....he's one crazy busy guy right now and everything is on hold until the last class/final/project/paper/presentation is over. Seriously, if I told you everything he's been doing this semester, you probably wouldn't believe me. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter.....a little late

Here's the second part of our Easter fun! We made cookies on Friday to begin the sugar-fest and they were so good, I didn't even get a picture. :)

Harrison knew something was good and sweet was being made in the kitchen and was desperate to sample it. He kept trying to reach up to the icing bowl and FINALLY figured this out....
He stayed there just long enough for me to snap the pic and to stick his hand in the icing.
This year, we let Harrison help with the decoraing! He had the most fun of all, I think. He was all over those sprinkles. (most of them ended up either in his mouth or on the floor) Check out his blue mustache!

Madeleine was much more serious. She worked FOREVER on her cookies and they did me proud! They looked great!
On his sugar high.

Easter morning the Easter bunny made a stop by our house! They were so excited to see what he'd left for them and "unpack" their baskets. Our bunny was thoughtful and gave us some fun activities for church that morning.
Madeleine lined up everything in her basket and organized it -- who does that sound like???

They only got one piece of candy in their baskets.....the rest was books, colors, stickers, etc. Harrison went right for his "cndy" (as he calls it) a blue bunny. And, FYI we did see that blue bunny again.....

Unfortunately the kids weren't really into picture taking, so this is the only shot I got of Madeleine. My grandmother sent her this dress and she LOVES it. Probably because it doesn't have a waistline in it -- she gets that from me. She calls it her "name dress" because it has her monogram on it and has been begging me for weeks to wear it! She looked adorable.

This was Harrison's big Easter morning shot. Waaaaaaaa

After church was better. He at least let me snap a picture. I wish I'd gotten a better one since I have a feeling this is the last year I'll be able to dress him in these cute little outfits (sniff, sniff).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Time Out

Lately time out has been my most used punishement for Harrison. And, I have to say it's working -- he's not raising his had to hit (gasp!) much anymore and he's screaming (definition: a loud growl done in a menacing/mean voice directed at someone he's upset with) or spitting (definition: blowing raspberries AT someone he's mad at) as much either. So for us timeout is good. His timeout spot is by the front door where he can't see the TV and there's pretty much nothing around him to do.

I have to keep myself from laughing every time he's in timeout. He sits down with his hands in his lap and bows his head -- it looks like he's praying. Maybe he is. Maybe I could learn something from him. Or maybe he's pouting. That's more likely.

I sneaked around the corner and took this pic thursday morning after he was in timeout for spitting at madeleine. How pitiful does he look???

Then he saw me. I know -- how can this sweet face have been spitting at his sister a few moments before???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunts and Other Fun

We had our egg hunt at preschool on Wednesday. I didn't let them have any candy at school (bad, bad mommy!) so as soon as we got in the car they tore into it. By the time we got home they were both buzzing from the sugar. Oh boy.

Here's Harrison listening to Corderoy's Easter. He's sitting in "his" seat.....although we don't assign seats, he's claimed this for his own.
Harrison dropping the only egg he collected in his basket. All those others?? I put them in so he'd have the required 7 then made him pose for this picture. :)

I didn't get to go see Madeleine's hunt since we were still having Harrison's party so thanks to our friend Sarah for taking the pictures!

Madeleine's class showing off their haul!
Just the girls --

Yesterday while Harrison was napping, Madeleine and I dyed eggs. Here's a picture of the finished product. If you look hard -- on the pink egg you can see where she wrote her name.

She had a hard time waiting for them to get dark, so we sang songs to pass the time. I love singing with her!

She was so proud of the finished product. We worked on those eggs for over an hour and had such a sweet time. Oh, how I'm going to miss her when she's in kindergarden!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Easter....

I've had such a fun time getting ready for Easter this year. The kids are really into it and excited about the Easter Bunny coming! I'm always ready for Easter because it means spring can't be far away.

Our Front Door Declares that this House is Ready for Easter!
Bunnies, bunnies everywhere!!

You can find them here....

and here....

oh, more bunnies!
I'll spare you the rest of the bunnies, those were my favorite. I can always tell easter is just around the corner when I find these all over our house.....

And, here's my Madeleine working hard on our Easter tree! She's been fiddling with it daily to make it just right.

Ah, the semi-finished product.