Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend this year, we made the rounds and visited both of our families. We got the kids a little early from school on Friday and headed to Little Rock. As much as we love our families I think we were all most excited to see Cormac! :) 

We mostly just chilled at the house. The guys watched the game on Saturday and my mom cooked yummy food. 
 All my kids love Mimi's tub. It's huge. And, it's even better when you get to take a bath with Cormac like Charlotte did.

 The kids taught Cormac some new dance moves. And, Madeleine showed off all the new cheers that she's learned!
 Harrison spent most of the day working on a zip line using legos for his star wars guys. It was super creative and very cool! He ran it for all of us at the end of the night.

Sunday after church we headed up to Searcy to see Grammy and Pops. We were thrilled when we arrived and Uncle Cameron was there! He drove all the way from Oxford to see us that day! And the kids were all over him -- especially Charlotte. She wouldn't leave him alone. They had the best time with Cameron and still talk about him all the time! I know it was a long trip for just a few hours, but there is nothing like knowing someone loves your kids (and us!) enough to do something like this. It mean a lot to me and Matt and was by far the best surprise of the weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cheer Camp 2014 -- the performance

The girls did cheer camp at PG this year. It was a great way for Madeleine to meet some new friends before school started and get a feel for things. It started from PreK up so Charlotte got to go too! And she was in heaven. :) If you know Charlotte well, you know that she's a cheer/tumble loving girl and this was about as close to her perfect week as you can get. Here they are on the last day -- we got to go up early that day and see awards (both girls got a cheer stick that week) and watch their performance. They did sooo good!! 
 They performed at the Black & Gold game the first Friday of school. I knew Madeleine would do great -- she's doing cheer this year and is very comfortable and confident. But, I wondered how Charlotte would do up there in front of packed bleachers. And, she rocked it out. She'd been practicing her routine several times a day (of course) so she was ready to go! It was crazy hot that night and both girls were beat by the time it was over.
 That first week of school did poor Charlotte in! I'm taking the kids a lot more than ever before and that means less sleeping in than usual for Charlotte. By Friday night she was ready for a good, long night of sleep.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Back to School 2014

Well, I am finally getting caught up on our life once again. :) Things have been very busy with the beginning of a new school year. And while I love all the fun things that are happening, I'm just having a hard time sitting down and recording all of this fun! 

School got off to a great start this year! We made a last minute decision to move the kids to PG, which is actually our zoned district. It's very small -- only one elementary with around 1200 kids in the entire district. But, the kids have tons of friends from church there as well as many teachers that go to church with us.

And, so far we are beyond happy with this decision! We prayed constantly for several days before moving the kids and have continued to pray that this would be a good decision and God has just blessed us beyond what we could ever have imagined. The kids are so so happy. By the end of the first week I had teachers that I didn't know (so not my kids teachers) putting them in the car and calling them by name. Just one of the perks of a small school, I guess. I love picking Madeleine up in the afternoon and seeing her standing there waiting for me while talking to several friends from church. That makes me smile every single time! And, I love that when the kids leave church on Sunday and Wednesday nights they call out to their friends -- "see you tomorrow!"

Here they are on the first day of school -- 5th grade, 2nd grade, and preK
 We only dropped Madeleine off this year. 5th grade is middle school & parents don't really stick around in middle school. Matt walked her to the door since she has to wind through a couple of outdoor buildings to get to her entrance and was a little unsure of where to do. She has a great team of teachers this year! We have P/T conferences this week and I'm excited to get in there and learn  more about what she's doing. They are really really big on incentives so they get "tiger time" on Friday afternoons if they don't get more than 3 strikes that week. They get to talk and they can buy snack food (aka junk) then too. :) If they don't get more than 3 strikes for the whole 9 weeks then they get to go on an incentive field trip -- somewhere cool like the movies or bowling. Fun!

It's taken her a few weeks to get used to changing classes -- they change several times a day. She has 80 minute block classes for math, literacy/social studies, and science. She also rotates through 3 different PE classes (personal fitness, team sports, individual sports), art, music and health. They have TOOLS time at the end of each day which is like study hall so she rarely has homework which is great!

 I took Harrison to his room. He was pretty excited!
 He has an amazing teacher this year! We are so thrilled he is in her class! She goes above and beyond in pretty much everything she does. In the past Harrison has enjoyed school, but always been nervous and worried about doing the right thing and never comfortable to step out and try something new. This year is a complete change! I've been up there and he is just a different kid. He is so comfortable and will ask her lots of questions and he is absolutely thriving in her class! I'm already thinking of ways to get Charlotte in Mrs. Fosters class in 3 years! Ha!
 Charlotte and I came home and made our traditional first day of school cookies. I might have shed a few tears realizing this was the end of an era for's hard to believe that I'm entering the last year of having a kiddo at home with me during the day. I'll admit that there were times I wondered if I'd ever have a moment alone again (and still wonder sometimes) but now that we are mere months from Charlotte starting to school, I'm feeling like that time went by all too fast. Right now, I'm just trying to enjoy my time with my girl home with me.

I found this picture of our first year in NWA when Madeleine & I made cookies for Matt on his first day. This was 6 years ago and I can still remember taking it.
 And, my little helper this year.

 A few weeks later Charlotte got her own big day. She's going to MDO at our church one morning each week for a few hours. It's not much and I really debated on whether or not to send her. I just want to soak up my time with her. But, it's really good for her. And, she LOVES rainbow school. Some of the sweet older ladies at church teach there and it's just the perfect place for her to be this year! And, I'm enjoying my few hours alone that morning. :)

I can't believe how big she looks! She was so excited to go to "big" school! And, she keeps asking me if I can just drop her off like I drop off Madeleine & Harrison each morning! Ha!