Monday, October 31, 2011

October Wrap-Up

We've had another fun and busy month around here!

We explored the "new" play area at the mall. It was all the same stuff, but in a storefront that off the beaten path in a corner of the mall, perfect for playing!

We went to our friend, Bennett's birthday party. It was a gorgeous October day and we played outside in the jumphouse and on the playground and worked up an appetite before enjoying some amazing homemade chocolate cupcakes!

Charlotte and Madeleine got in some extra snuggles before Madeleine left for school one morning.

Harrison and I made caramel corn to take on our trip. He tasted the air-popped popcorn and decided that caramel corn is "yucky;" he wouldn't even taste it after it had all the yummy caramel on it!

We made Halloween cookies and decorated them with icing -- then we took them on our trip to LR to share with our families. :)

Harrison being silly one day -- he had all sorts of "stuff" stuck in his undies and rigged them up to hold up a bucket. Not sure what the purpose was, but it made me laugh!

Charlotte found her a new spot to sit and eat in the kitchen. She loooves the lazy-susan and is constantly playing in it.

We painted and carved pumpkins. Madeleine chose a kitty face for her pumpkin which turned out adorable -- definitely doing it again! Harrison chose "angry birds" which turned out....interesting. But, he was happy with it and that's what counts. Matt better start working on his carving stamina because next year he'll probably have to carve 3 pumpkins!

We made cupcakes on Halloween, as if we needed more sweets. Next year, I'm thinking we'll try the "halloween fairy" to help rid us of our sweets.

Harrison made a silly spider had at preschool that he's worn until it just wore out!

That's most of our October fun not including Trick-or-Treating which is a post all of it's own.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harrison's Halloween Party

Last Thursday they celebrated Halloween at H's preschool. I debated back and forth about whether or not to go -- it would mean Charlotte would not get her nap until verrrry late in the day (after preschool, I had a "quick" meeting at M's school) and I'd be dragging a cranky, tired Charlotte with me on these errands. But, in the end, I just really wanted to be there so Miss Cranky-pants and I tagged along for the party and she actually did very well. Whew!

When we got there, Harrison had just finished getting his tattoo which he was quite proud of! They were getting ready to play some games before loading up on the goodies that the mamas had sent.

The first game was ghost bowling. Such a cute idea!

Then came beanbag spider toss. The first goal was to hit the middle of the spiderweb and then the next time, hit the "frogs" on the web. Another adorable idea! Their preschool director is amazing when it comes to cute ideas!

Finally, they played musical chairs. Harrison is one of the older ones in the class (which is 3-5 year olds) and he totally "got" this game!

He and Jackson tied at the end. :)

Instead of getting out being a bad thing, when you got out you got a silly face.

Finally, it was time for snacks! This is the only picture I got of the snacks, although they had some adorable "spider" snacks! We'll be making those at home ourselves sometime soon. :)

I'm so thankful for Harrison's little school! It was a hard decision since the school isn't exactly close to our house, but he's so so happy there and I know that he's learning a lot and spending those days with his best buds. He's gotten pretty attached to his teachers, too!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Family Weekend

What a fun time we had last weekend! Matt had to go to a conference in Little Rock, so the kids and I tagged along and we all were able to enjoy spending some time with our families! While Matt was at his conference on Friday, the kids and I had planned to go to the zoo. We got a bit of a late start since Harrison decided to sleep until 9:30 that morning -- unheard of for that early-bird!
We loaded up and headed for the zoo once Harrison was up and at 'em. Mimi and Grandad went with us and Sugar and Stewart joined us there! It may not be the best zoo ever, but we had a great time and the kids were so happy to spend the day there!

They were all set up for Boo at the Zoo, and they had some fun decorations and things to do. Harrison's favorite thing was this hale bale maze.

Charlotte was enchanted by all of the animals, but I think the lions were her favorite. We actually saw them "playing" up close which was really neat!

And, these giraffe's were having some kind of a fight! It was funny to watch. :)

I think the penguins were Madeleine's favorite. They were so playful and we had such a good time watching them.

Our final stop was to feed the koi fish. This was a hit with everyone! They each had a handful of food and loved watching the fish scramble to eat it.

Harrison found himself a spot and fed them one piece at a time. :)

Even Charlotte got in on the action!

We ended our fun with some good eats at Purple Cow -- our favorite -- before meeting up with Matt and heading up to Searcy for the rest of the weekend.

One of the reasons the kids and I tagged along and we decided to make a weekend of it, was that this was the HU baseball reunion weekend. Every year we've heard about the alumni game too late and each year Matt's commented that he'd love to play in it. Well, when I saw it pop up on Facebook in September, Matt decided to go and signed up. It just worked out that he also had to be in Little Rock that friday for a conference. After spending Friday evening with Grammy and Pops and getting some good rest, we were all excited to get up and head to the baseball fields on Saturday morning!

While Matt got ready, the kids and I walked around and checked out the fields.

Poor Charlotte -- all she wanted to do the entire time was climb the stairs in the stands. The concrete, steep stairs. And she didn't want any help -- she was none to pleased when I put a quick stop to that and threw her biggest fit yet! Hard to believe moments later she was her sweet self again. That girl!!

The kids were SO excited when it was Matt's turn to bat and even more excited when he got a hit and got on base! Harrison was running around yelling, "that's my daddy! that's my daddy!" It was so sweet -- melted my heart! Matt told me later that it was so strange getting up to bat like he'd done so many times in the past, but this time hearing "daddy, daddy, daddy" in the background. It made it all the more fun for him.

Grammy and Pops joined us at the field that morning. Charlotte spent a good part of the time hanging out in Pop's lap. :)

And, Madeleine and Harrison were content to explore the stands and nearby. Since this was an alumni game, it was very family-oriented. Kids were coming and going from the duggouts and playing all over the place. :) Once Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jamie, Emery and Garner joined us, Madeleine and Harrison were quite happy playing with their cousins.

Here we are hanging out with Daddy in the duggout.

After the game there were lots of pictures taken. :)

They let the kids run the bases...

Madeleine took this picture. I have a similar one of us from Matt's last game....over 11 years ago. I have to say, it was so fun being back there that weekend for this. I know that we missed out on a lot of fun events back home, but this was such a fun thing for our family and especially for Matt. We did a lot of reminiscing that day -- I spent many hours out there when we were dating and it was fun to go back and remember that time.

I'm not sure that the last day Matt played -- April 2000 -- I'd ever have dreamed we'd be back with 3 kids and such a full life. I felt so very blessed that day!

After the game, we headed back to Grammy and Pops for some late lunch and to visit with everyone. The kids had such a fun time playing with Emery! I know they're already looking forward to being together again -- as are all of us!

Uncle Matt and Garner. He is the cuddliest baby!

Uncle Ben and Aunt Pat and Trish were able to come over and join us for awhile and it was so good to see all of them! I am so thankful that I married into such a great family! :)

All in all it was the perfect weekend! We came home tired, but happy, having made a lot of wonderful memories. It's a weekend that we're already planning to make an annual event.