Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Charlotte turns 6!

What a fun birthday this girl had this year! She had so many friends and we had a big party at the gym which suited our little gymnastics-loving gal just fine!

Last night of being 5!!
 She's the first kiddo to have a birthday on an actual school day, so we woke up early to a special birthday breakfast.

 I told her that I'd bring her whatever she wanted for lunch -- so that meant Chick Fil A and Braums for dessert. Then I checked her out and took her home with me for the afternoon.

 We did presents and dinner out then back home for cookie cake. Such a fun day for our girl!
  We did her big party on a Friday night -- and I've gotta say Friday night parties are genius! We had every single kid we invited come so Charlotte was surrounded by so many of her sweet friends!
 We did hair ties &skittles for favors.

She had friends from church, school and gym there to celebrate with her. I loved watching her having such a fun night!

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